Embryo Donation

In embryo donation treatment, donor eggs and donor sperm are used in creating the embryos that will be transferred to the female patient.

When high quality eggs and rigorously screened sperm are the used, embryo donation treatment offers high success rates.

It also allows patients who are unable to conceive naturally to experience real pregnancy and form a bond with the baby before it is born.


Embryo donation is a viable treatment option for:

  • Couples with both female and male factor infertility but where the female patient’s uterus is capable of supporting pregnancy.
  • Single women of an advanced age with low or no reserves of eggs.
  • Couples who may be carriers of hereditary conditions and are at an elevated risk of passing on an inherited genetic disease to their offspring.

Sago Team fertility specialists thoroughly evaluate patients to assess suitability for this treatment.


The Sago IVF Team collaborates with the most reputable sperm banks in Europe to procure the best sperm samples.

All sperm donors are screened for infectious diseases, genetic conditions and fulfil all the necessary criteria for sperm donation.


We also follow a strict protocol for egg donors. We select egg donors in the fertile age group of 18 – 32 to ensure higher quality oocytes and higher chances of successful fertilisation.

We screen egg donors on a variety of parameters including infectious diseases, medical history, mental health and heritable genetic conditions.


All egg and sperm donors remain anonymous, and we cannot share sensitive information such as a donor’s contact number or donor’s photograph.

However, we can provide detailed information about each donor to help our patients find their perfect match.

Patients opting for the embryo donation treatment solution are asked to provide details about their specifications and preferences for sperm and egg donors.

With the information provided by patients, we identify egg and sperm donor matches for patients to select from.

IVF Treatment with Embryo Donation

IVF treatment with embryo donation in North Cyprus follows the same protocol as the IVF with donor egg procedure. Here are the steps:

  1. The recipient undergoes preparation of the uterus through hormone therapy to ensure that it is receptive to the embryo.
  2. After, an ICSI procedure is performed to inject single donor sperms into single donor eggs.
  3. If fertilisation occurs, the resulting embryos are monitored and allowed to develop for a few days.
  4. The final main step is the embryo transfer whereby 1 – 2 healthy embryos are implanted in the female patient’s uterus.

Embryo transfer is a simple, painless procedure and you can return to your home country the day after the procedure.

Contact Sago Team for more information about our embryo donation programme in North Cyprus.

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